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Day R Survival v1.411 Apk Data Android

Genre: Role Playing

Cover art Day R Survival
Requirements:Android 2.3.3 and up

Today I want to share a great andriod game that name is Day R Survival 1.411 (latest version) Andriod Game.


- Hardcore survival
Hunger, radiation, thirst, traumas and diseases wont give you a chance to relax. - Realistic world
The turn of the seasons, monsters, a huge map of USSR and more than 0 different towns and cities. - A lot of opportunities
Hundreds of crafting schemes, dozens of quests; a lot of weapons, armour and allies. - Improve your skills
Mechanics, medicine, chemistry, driving, cooking, fighting with firearm and explosives, survival and others. - Cooperative mode
The Online mode with a chat room, exchange of items and united fightings. War never changes. In 5 USSR went down before an unbeknown enemy. In a few days the entire country became a radioactive wasteland - violence, hunger and diseases reign here now. The terrible monsters roam the ruins of the soviet cities searching for their prey. The cruelty of the survivors knows no limits: the bandits attack civilians robbing, raping and killing them.
The cause of the war is unknown and does not matter any more. Hunger and hate are the only feelings of the zombie-like survivors.
When you no longer loose in the fight with the death, the other survivors wait for you in the cooperative - the Online mode let you survive together dealing with difficulties, talking in the chat room and sending gifts to each other.

Sourse: Google Play - Day R Survival


What's New:

1. New vehicle and quest for it
2. Main story final
3. New images of survivors and bandits bases
4. New map with English cities names
5. Bugs fixing

Video Day R Survival

Download Day R Survival v1.411 Apk Data Android

Download apk/obb


  1. Download the file.
  2. If the file is archived (rar or zip) to extract data.
  3. Install the Day R Survival.apk and place the "com.gm_shaber.dayr" folder in sdcard/Android/obbacted folder.
  4. Launch the app 100% offline compatible google play installation and online data verification is not required.

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This article is written by AusTiN. Please leave comment if the link is broken. Thank you!
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  1. author

    VayaConDios12 days ago

    I think this game is great and has a lot of potential. That being said, even on sandbox mode, when exploring everything, you will eventually get radiation sickness and die. I cant ever find enough chloro - whatever to cure it, so the exhaustion climbs until you die. Im deleting this.

  2. author

    Nahemoth9 days ago

    Best survival app of all time but. Could fix a few things here and there. Has great crafting app. It could improve in some combat. I would rate this game . I feel the caps youve gained in the game shouldnt be lost if you die, they should just be a mission to recover them from your grave or something using a new character or saved game (saved game would lose the beginning caps but caps earned on way to buried body wouldstay, then you could get all the caps from the dead body. Or just have a save caps function for each character.

  3. author

    govoroonka8 days ago

    Good game Good game, realistic survival, neat systems, a bit hard but its fine. And then theres lacerations, right before my first battle with a weakened wolf, mah axe broke! I lost and got two lacerations, bleeding and and fatigue wasnt too bad but I ran out of thread fixing my jacket recently so I couldnt sew it up and I had no fire or wood to cauterize it, Great. Well I try to keep moving (Heading towards Moscow) and when I get to the next town, no thread, crap. Then another wolf arttacks me, I havent replaced mah axe yet so I lost again, another laceration. At this point I had blood poisoning because I had to use rags as bandages every 4 seconds and I was ALSO doing bad for side effects from the blood pills I took, I was pretty much done. Game over Day-R you win. My exhaustion reached 5 and my progress was almost completely wiped because without premium, you cant save your game if you leave the general area of spawn.

  4. author

    alhimiQ4 days ago

    To hard Its just this game I understand like the sleep thing,how the numbers count up very fast like hows thats possible for someone to get tired easily tell me.


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