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Osiris Battlefield v1.1.2 APK Hack

Genre: Adventure

Cover art Osiris Battlefield
Developer:Fenix Fire
Requirements:Android 4.1 and up

Today I want to share a great andriod game that name is Osiris Battlefield 1.1.2 (latest version) Andriod Game.


You are mans last hope against utter extinction. Located on a distant colony in the Osiris system, you must defend your base at all costs using anything you can to hold back the relentless alien threat.
-Epic survival gameplay. Survive as many days as you can protecting 8 immersive zones across your base colony. Search abandoned mines, protect giant power plants, or go deep into alien hives searching with your flashlight.
-Tons of vehicles and weapons to earn and unlock, each more powerful than the last. Load up your vehicle with ammo and missiles and get out there to destroy anything that has more than two legs!
-Ultra high resolution next gen graphics rendering. Dynamic lighting and shadows, specularity normal mapping, dynamic AI, reflective surfaces, the list goes on. Graphic settings are automatically optimized for your device.
-This is just the beginning! We are a small indie team from AAA consoles and are pouring our experience into Osiris Battlefield. We want to make Osiris Battlefield amazing and we need your help! Download it, check it out, and give us your feedback. We truly believe this is the start of something awesome!
ENHANCED BY QUALCOMM SNAPDRAGON: Osiris Battlefield was optimized for the graphics features and performance provided by Qualcomm Snapdragon 0 series processors. The power of Snapdragon can be seen in many of the advanced visual effects incorporated in the game, such as real-time surface reflections, terrain textures and shaders, atmospheric flares and particles, and dynamic environmental lighting. The game showcases OpenGL ES 0 rendering techniques supported by the graphics processor, such as deferred lighting, GPU skinning, soft shadows (PCF), and ETC2 texture compression.
Visual Effects Enhanced by Qualcomm Snapdragon: . PBR real-time cubemap reflections on all metallic surfaces and creatures
. Three normal map blended terrain texture shaders
. Realistic atmospherics: fog, lens flares, and dust particles
. Real-time soft shadows and dynamically lit environments
- Give Us feedback at
Visit our official site at http/
Follow us on Twitter at http/ or like us on Facebook at http/ to get more info about all our upcoming titles

Sourse: Google Play - Osiris Battlefield


Game Features:

- improved vehicle shooting redicle
- vehicle types have unique redicle
- added aim assist to shooting system
- fixed enemy collision bug

Video Osiris Battlefield

Download Osiris Battlefield v1.1.2 APK Hack

Download apk/obb


  1. Download the file.
  2. If the file is archived (rar or zip) to extract data.
  3. Install the Osiris Battlefield.apk and place the "com.FFE.OsirisBattlefield" folder in sdcard/Android/obbacted folder.
  4. Launch the app 100% offline compatible google play installation and online data verification is not required.

Secret Files Sam Peters
Secret Files Sam Peters
Offered By Deep Silver
Offered By Swift Apps LLC
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Number Mixer
Offered By vmoga
Standoff: Multiplayer
Standoff: Multiplayer
Offered By AxleBolt
  1. author

    CLassic12 days ago

    Graphics = WOW! How did you pull this off! PLUS. HID controller support. This is too good to be true. I have only played this for about 5 minutes and I am loving it. I will say, when trying to play the stage on the bottom of the map at the start of the game it freezes half way into the loading process and starts the game while I remain looking at the loading screen. Everything else seems to work well though. Btw, Android TV Support and you have made yourself a new friend. Once the loading bug is fixed this will get the final star, maybe even a sixth star. Lol.

  2. author

    Apsilon10 days ago

    Expensive Tech Demo I followed the development of this game for a while and Id be lying if I said I wasnt completely excited for it. Now that I finally got around to installing it, man am I dissapointed. The graphics look decent but nowhere near as nice as the dev videos would have you believe. The controls are among the worst Ive ever used, and the story is nonexistent. This is a tech demo at best. It is not worth half of what they are charging for it.

  3. author

    RaoulDuke7 days ago

    So much potential 1st person - aim controls are too sluggish. Enemies bounce you too far. Enemies deal too much damage. Needs better upgrading, armor suit etc? Driving mode - wheeled vehicles have awful controls. First boss bug doesnt move if I dont. And doesnt cause damage. Can just sit still and shoot it til it dies. AI needs work. Great take otherwise, just needs fine tuning, better controls and expanded upgrade elements. Will keep an eye out for updates!

  4. author

    ToKoIIIak3 days ago

    Addicting, needs work Its a very good game, looks great, but needs some work on the controls, maybe more customization as far as layout and inversion. A little hard to maneuver around in caves. A lot of fun otherwise, Ill definitely keep playing


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