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Zombie City Defense v1.3.2 Unlimited MOD

Genre: Strategy

Cover art Zombie City Defense
Developer:Mozg Labs
Requirements:Android 4.0 and up

Today I want to share a great andriod game that name is Zombie City Defense 1.3.2 (latest version) Andriod Game.


Enter the battle for humanity. Save Earth from hordes of zombies. Plan your strategy wisely, build up your defense, recruit survivors and KILL ZOMBIES! Use flamethrowers, shotguns, machine guns or tanks, artillery and even multi-fire rocket launchers. Experience the thrill of commanding a futuristic military force and be the hero. Save humanity from the biggest threat it has ever encountered! Unique holographic look
Upgrade your units to stay alive
A rich mix of RTS and Tower Defense genres
3 difficulty levels and an infinite play mode
Detailed cities with schools, industrial zones and downtown districts
Hordes of enemies that aim to stop you from reaching your goal
Lots of infantry units and vehicles to choose from. Tanks with artillery support vs zombies? How will you command them?
Different maps with different play styles
Your tactics depend on the set of units you chose for battle. This game provides a fresh approach to tower defense/RTS genres. The main goal is to hold a city while an army of zombies tries to overpower and capture your base. You can try fast expansion, but it could stretch your forces lotto far so you wont be able to defend properly. Alternatively you can try to hold limited territory, but you will be facing a resource shortage in a week or so. All maps have numerous strategic possibilities so you can tailor your tactics. Your play style will be highly dependant on the units youll have selected. Choose wisely. Will you use artillery to kill enemies at distance? Or, will you stick to close combat using infantry and barricading buildings to win? The year is . An unknown bio-weapon has been released from top secret laboratories and has now turned 6% of the world’s population into unnatural abominations. Only a secret military group, known as Iron Corps can put an end to this global threat. NOTE ABOUT IN APP PURCHASES
The in app purchases are completely optional. They are there to be used by players that want a quick way to get extra tactical points. If you are not a fan of IAP, rest assured that you can definitely beat the game without them.

Sourse: Google Play - Zombie City Defense


What's New:

- x86 support
- Balance improvements
- Stability improvements
- Bugfixes

Video Zombie City Defense

Download Zombie City Defense v1.3.2 Unlimited MOD

Download apk/obb


  1. Download the file.
  2. If the file is archived (rar or zip) to extract data.
  3. Install the Zombie City Defense.apk and place the "com.mozglabs.citysiedge" folder in sdcard/Android/obbacted folder.
  4. Launch the app 100% offline compatible google play installation and online data verification is not required.

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  1. author

    burningsun11 days ago

    I love it but there is a problem It is hard to play. I have gotten 1 days 4 times in a row on the second level. The one right after the the tutorial. And the tutorial is a little hard to comprehend. Overall its great just need to redo the tutorial instructions. Thank you! :)

  2. author

    wazup10 days ago

    Fun little strategy game I would have given it 5 but there are a couple problems I need to address first there needs to be a quicker way of going through your troops rather than click every single individual unit to give them orders, second there should be a way to draw a route for the unite to take because they just stumble into a building full of zombies causing havoc, and last but not least when I upgrade a unit it doesnt feel as if the unit improved there should be some sort of way to customize the unit different weapons.

  3. author

    timerus5 days ago

    Awesome game, some bugs EDIT: Updates? Bugs: Sometimes spawns an engineer when I pick the scout unit, units run into infested building while travelling sometimes, machinegunner doesnt seem to do any damage, mortars cant shoot at something below them. The bugs have costed me a game or two, but it is still playable. I would like the buttons and text to be a bit bigger on smaller screens. Its hard to read building names sometimes and the speed buttons are WAY to small. Thanks for reading. EDIT: Do you guys update this game anymore? Theres some unfixed bugs and the game could use some new features. (disbandjng units to recover population, call in support, airstrikes, custom mode.) EDIT : UPDATE THE GAME

  4. author

    Liberty3 days ago

    Great game Very simple and enjoyable. Still a little buggy. At times it will create an engineer rather than the unit you were after. Using fast forward appears to decrease the accuracy (or fire rate) of troops as zombies are able to get much closer than at normal speed.


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